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Driving safety and stability through real time data.

Versatile technologies to transmit data from monitoring instruments to your fingertips in real time.

Ackcio Beam combines Devices, Mesh, and Software to form an end-to-end wireless system for monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in harsh environments. Mines and tailings dams are often built in harsh environments with strong geological forces. As such, their stability and structural integrity must be constantly monitored to keep them safe and operational. However, the complexity and scale of these structures make monitoring their geotechnical and structural sensors both costly and impractical using cable-based or manual monitoring systems.

Ackcio Beam allows engineers to remotely access data and analytics taken from sensors monitoring key site parameters (load, stress, deformation, seepage of dams, and displacement across cracks and joints) in real time. This buys them valuable time to assess readings and make effective data-driven decisions.




Remote monitoring


Real-time decisions


Improved risk management


Improved safety


Improved productivity


Cost efficiency


High durability



Ackcio Beam

Ackcio Beam is a highly scalable system that allows an operator to easily add or replace Nodes in the system during an ongoing project without compromising data integrity.
Ackcio Nodes support all types of analogue and vibrating wire sensors, as well as digital sensors. Each Node is the datalogger of its assigned sensors and can transmit readings at any rate between 5 minutes and 24 hours depending on project requirements.

Ultra-low power consumption ensures that Ackcio Nodes can last for up to 5 years on batteries.

Ackcio devices work on a self-configuring mesh, where data is transmitted to the gateway via the most reliable signal route. Ackcio Mesh is self-healing, any obstruction to an existing route will trigger a search for an alternative route to the gateway. This makes the Ackcio Mesh network highly reliable in different monitoring conditions.
Ackcio Snape Software is intuitive, easy to use, and runs on the Ackcio Gateway. It helps you configure your deployments and manage sensor data collected by our monitoring system. Stakeholders are empowered with real-time access to every data point collected from your projects, thereby allowing you to make informed and collective decisions that reduce delays and increase productivity and safety.

About Ackcio

Ackcio builds reliable wireless data acquisition systems for industrial monitoring applications. The company automates monitoring processes and provides remote, intelligent data to enable increased safety and efficient risk management in mission-critical industries, including construction, infrastructure, mining, and rail. Ackcio’s flagship solution, Ackcio Beam, is an industrial data acquisition platform that uses a patented long-range wireless mesh network to monitor sensors accurately and reliably in both above ground and underground environments. Ackcio is headquartered in Singapore and supports clients across the world. In 2021, the company was included in Forbes Asia’s inaugural ‘100 to Watch’, a
list comprising small companies and startups on the rise across the Asia Pacific.

Check out our recent Case Study, and for more information, visit www.ackcio.com or follow them on social media.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Ackcio to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.