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Ramjack Technology Solutions was founded in 2013 as a boutique value add reseller of production and safety technologies for the mining industry in Africa. Our first products were specialised systems for underground mines. And, our first customers were the diamond mines of Southern Africa that were interested in sensor monitoring solutions using geotechnical and hydrological instruments connected to dedicated, persistent sensor networks for automated, real-time data collection.

From those early days, Ramjack has grown into a leading multi-national system integrator with operations across four continents and employees stationed in the most strategic locations of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Our technology portfolio has grown to include products and services that reach across the entire mining value chain and address the most important operational challenges for both open-pit and underground mines. Our technology partnerships range from large original technology manufacturers with decades of experience in the industry to niche technology innovators with unique product offerings for leading-edge miners.

At Ramjack, we pride ourselves on a pragmatic approach to helping mines achieve their ‘mine of the future’ vision. Through our partnerships with best-of-breed technology manufacturers, a broad-reaching network of associates and our pragmatic team of mining technology practitioners, the Ramjack Group of Companies provides open-pit and underground mines in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America with products and services that guarantee improvements in safety, productivity and effectiveness. We are a small, dynamic company, proud of what we’ve achieved along our journey to where we are today.

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