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Surface Soft Rock Mining

Hi-tech monitoring solutions are improving the surface soft rock mining industry.

Surface Soft Rock MiningSurface soft rock mining operations frequently use some of the largest and heaviest pieces of machinery used in any type of mining. The area being actively mined at any given time can also often be extensive.

For these reasons, it is essential for any surface soft rock mining operator to closely monitor the area being worked and the vehicles and other machinery used to carry out mining operations. The best way to do this is to make use of cutting-edge technological solutions.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we take great pride in the partnerships we have established with top global surface soft rock mining original technology manufacturers, including:

  • MineWare – Monitoring at the mining face. MineWare is the world’s best developer and producer of advanced dragline and shovel monitoring technologies for the global surface mining industry.

Their key products in this sector are the:

  • Pegasys dragline monitoring system. This highly flexible dragline monitoring system can be configured to meet your specific planning, production maintenance and management information requirements. Pegasys can also be configured to seamlessly integrate with your existing fleet, production and safety systems. Modular, Minestar and Minlog are examples of systems that integrate seamlessly with the Pegasys system. Due to our open architecture, third-party integration is easy to achieve.
  • Argus shovel performance system. This system provides real-time, relevant, accurate feedback to shovel operators to allow them to achieve greater payload accuracy.
  • Mine fleet management system. An affordable, tablet-based fleet management system that is ideally suited for use in all types of surface soft rock mining operations. This system is so user-friendly and efficient that it has led to significant changes in the way a lot of mines manage their vehicle and equipment fleets.
  • LoadsensingInstrumentation monitoring. Loadsensing by Worldsensing is a wireless data acquisition system that supports and facilitates real-time remote monitoring of geotechnical and hydrological instruments within surface soft rock mines.

Contact us now to discuss how our surface soft rock mining solutions can make your mine safer and more productive.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, our surface soft rock mining solutions benefit clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.