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RAMJACK Partners with x-Glo to Bring Affordable, Efficient LED Lighting to Underground Mines in the EMEA RegionDeep beneath the surface of the earth, underground miners spend day in and day out extracting minerals from the ground.  In the absence of natural light, the safety and productivity of any underground operation is directly correlated to the effectiveness of the artificial lighting deployed by the mine.

LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice, with more and more underground mines opting to use this technology. Some of the benefits of using LED lighting rather than more conventional options include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. LED lighting is inexpensive to operate, and LED lighting systems lead to lower overall energy costs than conventional lighting systems, while at the same time providing far better lighting performance.
  • Suited to harsh underground environments. Conventional lighting systems do not perform well when expected to remain on continually or when subjected to the high moisture and ambient temperature levels typically encountered in underground mines.
  • Low-maintenance. The components used in conventional lighting systems usually have a far shorter lifespan and must be replaced more often than those used in LED lighting systems in underground mines.

Many underground mine operators who have previously used, or have considered using, LED lighting in their operations are only familiar with the HALO brand. However, with the HALO brand experiencing challenges with their supplier relationship, alternative options for the market have become necessary.

The x-Glo range of LED lighting solutions for underground mining, manufactured by world-class Clear Lighting Co. Ltd. and distributed in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region by RAMJACK Technology Solutions, offers a cost-effective, viable alternative.

In the words of Mike Jackson, Director of International Business Development for Ramjack:

“x-Glo fills an important void as mine procurement teams look for alternatives to HALO’s suite of LED lighting.  x-Glo’s lighting systems exceed HALO’s specifications and offer a quick and easy replacement, allowing a seamless transition without additional costs or integration hassles.”

Contact us now to find out more about the x-Glo range of products and how they can be used to meet the LED lighting requirements within your underground mine.