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Ramjack Technology Solutions and Syntony GNSS Partner to Drive Future of Connectivity Into Global Mining OperationsRamjack Technology Solutions, a specialised system integrator for advanced technologies in the global mining market, today announced a partnership with Syntony GNSS, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of software-based navigation and GPS coverage extension.

Syntony innovations extend GPS coverage into previously inaccessible spaces, giving mining operations relentlessly reliable connectivity. Built on software-based navigation, mining operations can fully customise and upgrade their system to continue maximising their investment through the life of the product. The productivity gains and increased safety capabilities will be a game-changer in the mining industry, and this partnership will allow Ramjack to further introduce enhanced connectivity into even the most rugged of global mining operations.

“Ramjack is very excited about our partnership with Syntony and the opportunity to bring this groundbreaking technology to the mining industry,” said Mike Jackson, President & CEO, Ramjack Technology Solutions. “The need for accurate underground tracking—and the convenience of being able to use the industry-standard GPS chipsets—is a huge advantage and one that we’ve been waiting for in mining for a very long time. We’re encouraged by Syntony’s commitment to the mining industry and look forward to showing our customers how they can continue to enhance safety and production performance.”

Jackson noted that using his own mobile phone, and Syntony technology, he was able to track his location underground, in real-time using Google Maps, to less than two metres accuracy. “This is a truly amazing innovation that will forever change the way underground mines use technology.”

“We’re pleased to be joining forces with Ramjack to bring our technology to the mining industry,” said Joel Korsakissok, CEO, Syntony GNSS. “We value their intrinsic understanding of integrated technologies and how to ensure advanced technology provides mines with the ultimate competitive advantage, with safety and optimisation always at the forefront. Our sophisticated solutions are perfect for their portfolio.”

About Syntony GNSS

Syntony is an innovative company that is acknowledged as a leader and an expert in designing and manufacturing GNSS systems (sophisticated GNSS simulators and a range of unique GPS underground solutions for aeronautics, space, transportation, and mining). Syntony operates around the world with subsidiaries in North America (New York, San Francisco and Montreal) and Paris and distributors throughout Asia and Europe, with a worldwide customer base including Airbus, Thales, OneWeb, Honeywell, Rockwell, and metros of Stockholm, New York, Toronto, Helsinki, Munich, and Paris. Visit Syntony’s website for additional information about their solutions.

About Ramjack Technology Solutions

With their vast range of experience with mining technology and partnerships with the best mining technology manufacturers from throughout the world, Ramjack Technology Solutions provides a suite of products and services that can solve any operational challenge mines face today. Whether on surface or underground, Ramjack ultimately helps mines across the globe increase productivity and improve safety performance. Visit www.ramjacktech.com or https://ramjacktech.com/our-partnerships/syntony-gnss/.