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RAMJACK Tours Africa with MineWare

Truck (Strut)-based payload monitoring systems have been the frustration of production and maintenance engineers around the globe for decades.  This was the message that Roy Pater (MineWare Global Sales Director) and Mike Jackson (RAMJACK Director of International Business Development) brought to the African mining industry during their 3-week tour of Africa in February.

During their tour, they visited several mines in South, West and East Africa – including South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania – and shared details about MineWare’s exciting shovel-based payload monitoring and mine compliance systems.  Mr. Pater’s message was clear:  the productivity, maintenance and safety benefits African mines can gain from using MineWare’s Argus technology are second-to-none.

While on tour, Mr. Pater and Mr. Jackson also attended the Mining Indaba, held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 7-9 February 2017. This event brings together mine operators from all over Africa and suppliers of mining equipment, technology, and services from all over the world.

The partnership between the two companies – RAMJACK and MineWare – goes back to July 2016.

MineWare is a global leader in developing and supplying technological solutions used for payload monitoring of draglines and shovels for surface mines. In 2005, the company developed the first fully integrated dragline monitoring system in the industry. Since then MineWare has continued to develop their technology and now offers shovel and dragline payload monitoring systems, shovel performance systems, mine compliance systems and a remote monitoring/data visualization tool.

RAMJACK is a leading provider of advanced mining technology solutions for underground and surface mines. Specializing in integrating real-time monitoring technology solutions within existing mining operations, Ramjack’s monitoring systems are further supported by the best productivity and safety applications in the industry, thanks to partnerships with leading original technology manufactures from Canada, the United States and Australia.

RAMJACK is very proud to be associated with MineWare, as they’re a technology leader focused on the critical aspects of mine productivity right at the face – an opinion shared by industry giants, Komatsu, demonstrated by their recent investment in MineWare.  Partnering MineWare’s superior shovel and dragline monitoring technologies with RAMJACK’s understanding of the mining technology space and expertise in supporting technology adoption in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East is a combination worthy of enthusiasm.

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