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CONSPECJohannesburg – Officials from RAMJACK and CONSPEC today unveiled a new partnership agreement making RAMJACK the Sub-Saharan Africa distribution partner for CONSPEC’s range of gas detection and control systems.

“We are very excited to be re-entering the Sub-Saharan market with RAMJACK,” said Dave McCullough, Senior Vice President of CONSPEC.  “Our monitoring and control technologies are perfect for the harsh environments in Africa and we are looking forward to working together with RAMJACK to meet the requirements of mining customers in the region.”

CONSPEC has been serving the global mining industry since 1968 and is a leader in the field of gas detection. Their gas monitoring systems are approved for use in hazardous areas of underground coalmines and designed for easy and economical expansion. The system continuously monitors CO and other toxic and combustible gases and can be configured to communicate alarms throughout the mine.

“This is very exciting technology for RAMJACK’s real-time, safety monitoring portfolio” said Mike Jackson – RAMJACK’s Co-Founder and Director.  “With CONSPEC’s gas monitoring and control systems entering our product range, RAMJACK is fully equipped to provide mining operations throughout Africa with the sensors and the networks required to remotely monitor the safety of people and equipment underground.”

RAMJACK was busy in 2014 building a strong suite of complementary technologies for real-time monitoring of mines. CONSPEC’s gas monitoring technology completes RAMJACK’s product portfolio which now covers geotechnical instrumentation with MDT, mobile laser mapping with uGPS Rapid Mapper™, safety and documentation management with Salistera and production monitoring, people tracking and sensor networking with Newtrax Technologies.

For more information on how to equip your mine with real-time monitoring, contact RAMJACK at www.ramjacktech.com



RAMJACK is a full-service distributor and implementation partner of technologies for the mining industry. With offices in Canada and South Africa, we bring the best mine technology solutions available to the remote and often harsh environments of Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide our customers with applications and real-time technology that improve the safety, profitability, efficiency, and production of surface and underground mining operations.


CONSPEC Controls is internationally recognized as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of gas detection instruments, monitoring and control systems. The company offers a wide array of products, ranging from fully integrated installations to stand-alone, independent devices. CONSPEC’s user-friendly devices are engineered to interface with both new and existing control equipment. Due to its long history in the mining industry, CONSPEC equipment is “coal grade,” that is, designed to work in the harshest environments. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing and research, CONSPEC creates specialized instrumentation and equipment that meets individual customer applications and requirements.