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Production targets are universally the driving force behind mine managers’ operational decisions. Yet a plethora of external factors can stand in the way of meeting production targets.  This is where technology can step in and be your biggest ally.

Here are three ways technology can help you stay on track with production targets:

  • Improved operator efficiency. A skilled operator is a more productive one, but it can take years of experience to develop the right skills – and even good operators encounter hurdles. Technologies like payload monitoring and machine guidance systems can monitor and assist your operators, making it easier and more efficient for them to excel in their duties.
  • Less downtime. Vehicle breakdowns lead to unscheduled downtime. And getting maintenance scheduling just right can be very difficult– too soon, and costs rise and fleet availability suffers; too late, and production-interrupting breakdowns can occur. Advanced fleet management and vehicle health monitoring systems can help you optimize your maintenance scheduling for maximum efficiency.
  • Safety. Unsafe situations not only cause delays, but they put your people at risk. With a fleet of heavy vehicles operating in and around each other, Proximity detection and collision avoidance systems can be extremely valuable in keeping your people safe and your machines in operation. Studies have shown that alert operators are also more productive, so adding a fatigue management system to your technology landscape can equally assist in improving productivity.

Implementing and actively using the right technology in your mine will increase output by improving operator efficiency and productivity, increasing overall equipment effectiveness and reducing delays due to breakdowns and accidents, setting you up to successfully stay on top of your production targets.