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The Fatigue Conundrum

Exploration, production, transport, refining… the mining industry does not sleep. Mining is a 24/7 job. But while mining operations are continuous, employees cannot operate this way. They need sleep.

Payload Monitoring: The Cornerstone to an Efficient Mine

Real-time understanding of your operation enables you to make decisions that impact the outcome now, when it will have the greatest impact.  Actions taken at the face have a multiplier effect on downstream operations – maximising payload from the face minimises lost opportunities in the form of spare and/or idle capacity elsewhere.  Real-time understanding of your payload is the cornerstone to an optimised operation – Monitor, Manage, Optimise.

Early Warnings Are Critical To Avoiding Tailings Dam Catastrophes

As tailings dams are built to last forever – mine waste needs to be stored permanently – preventing catastrophic failure requires a comprehensive monitoring program.  There is a vast range of technology available to help mining companies ensure their tailings facilities are secure – and, in the event of an issue – that they receive ample advanced warning to allow for corrective action.