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Letter from Mike – Ramjack Review Edition 8

As the experts predicted, 2023 is off to an exciting start in the ‘operational technologies for mining’ space. All eyes are on improving operational efficiency with high environmental, social and governance standards. Something we all know can’t be achieved without the assistance of purpose-built technology solutions.

Letter from Mike – Ramjack Review Edition 8

Fortunately for Ramjack, that’s our thing. And, has been our thing for almost a decade (Spoiler Alert: in August 2023, Ramjack will be celebrating our 10th anniversary).

Real-time monitoring of critical data remains our biggest priority, and the reason why we’ve dedicated our lives to helping mines maximise the advantages of technology – creating an integrated, holistic network of synergistic systems, tools and processes.

The hottest items in our solutions portfolio these days won’t surprise you… production management, vehicle health monitoring, fuel efficiency management, tails dam monitoring, fatigue management, rock movement monitoring, collision avoidance, air quality monitoring… and, of course, the real-time (broad & narrow band) networks that support those applications.

In other words… All the solutions that drive improvements in health, safety, sustainability and decarbonisation without losing sight on the importance of efficient production.

As the need for effective operational technology solutions in mining grows, so does Ramjack, and we’re thankful to be able to attract some of the best talent in the industry, including industry leaders like Hugh Maleka, who was recently promoted to Manager, Execution Excellence in our flagship Sub-Saharan Africa operation, in recognition for the talents he demonstrated during his time leading Ramjack’s Remote Operations Center (rROC).

Speaking of rROC… it remains the most evolving value-add service in our portfolio thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (rAIL). Our latest article explains in greater detail how the “rROC & rAIL” service bridges the gaps that stand in your way of getting the most from your operations.

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