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Letter From Mike



We’ve learned a lot at Ramjack, not only in the past year, but over the last decade. Getting things right isn’t easy, especially in the mining technology game. Years ago, we adopted GRIT as a way of embodying our core values at Ramjack Technology Solutions.

Our promise, our GRIT is:
Great products — Reliable service — Integrated solutions — and Trusted performance.
Accessing GRIT in yourself, in your teammates, in your technology partners… and even in your customers, is a critical success factor to getting mining technology right.

To us, GRIT – passion and perseverance applied over a long period of time – is a bigger contributor to success than any other single characteristic we possess. GRIT is the foundation of the Ramjack story, and exemplifies all the hard work that has brought us to where we are today.

With the first quarter of the year behind us, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to be part of the Ramjack story. It takes GRIT to create and maintain an ecosystem of partners and customers that continue to support each other in their success. Getting technology right for mining is our “why”. What is your why?

Thanks, keep on keepin’ on.


Ramjack Technology Solutions