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(JOHANNESBURG) – 12 April, 2022 – Technology systems integrator and operational technology contractor, Ramjack Technology Solutions (RAMJACK), announced today its acquisition of Swedish underground robotics innovator, Inkonova AB.

This move is the latest step in RAMJACK’s aggressive buildout of their technology stack focusing on safety, sustainability and productivity within the mining sector – a strategy that already includes partnerships with some of the most advanced real-time technology innovators in the world.

Founded in 2014, Inkonova is an industry leading drone designer based in Stockholm Sweden, and the creators of the Batonoumous underground drone platform.  Able to fly autonomously and beyond line-of-site from its pilot, Inkonova’s unique technology introduces first-of-its-kind real-time connectivity that is revolutionising how mines gather spatial information about inaccessible areas underground.

“Creating Inkonova has been a rewarding experience and I’m excited to be handing over the reins to the passionate mining technology experts at RAMJACK to bring it to the next level,” said Pau Mallol, Founder and chief innovator of Inkonova.  “The technological advancements we’ve made with the Inkonova range of products brings me great pride, and I look forward to seeing RAMJACK’s market reach help bring these exciting products to the global mining industry.”

Inaccessible areas in underground mines pose significant productivity and safety challenges for mine operators who must produce efficiently while protecting the health and safety of their employees and equipment.  Autonomous drone technology provides valuable insights and reliable 3D visualisation – even in inaccessible areas – to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations underground.

“RAMJACK has enjoyed collaborating with Inkonova for many years so we’re already well aware of the advanced capabilities of their tech,” said Mike Jackson, President and CEO of RAMJACK. “As underground mines look to improve their production and safety performance, the ability to map inaccessible areas efficiently and safely is a critical success factor.  Mobile mapping is a burgeoning segment of the industry and while there are some early movers in the space – like Australian firm, Emesent – we are excited to demonstrate how our advanced tech can take real-time monitoring of underground mines to a whole new level.”

Completion date for the acquisition is 30 April, 2022 at which point RAMJACK will bring all Inkonova technologies into the RAMJACK product suite.  Customers interested in exploring the capabilities of the Inkonova technology can schedule a demo here: https://ramjacktech.com/our-technologies/inkonova/

About Inkonova:

Founded in 2014, Inkonova AB mastered tilt-rotor technology for the drone racing market before turning its focus to technology and product development for the industrial sector. As global leaders in underground robotics and 3D mapping using SLAM-based technologies, Inkonova’s underground mining solutions are among the most advanced scanning technologies in the industry today. Learn more: https://ramjacktech.com/our-technologies/inkonova/

About Ramjack Technology Solutions 

With their vast range of experience in mining technology and partnerships with the best mining technology manufacturers from across the globe, Ramjack Technology Solutions provides a suite of products and services that can solve any of the operational challenges that mines face today. Whether on surface or underground, Ramjack are experts in applying best-of-breed technologies and customised services to increase productivity and improve safety performance.  https://ramjacktech.com/


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