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Shovel, Front-end Loader & Dragline Monitoring Systems

Advanced monitoring technology for ground-engaging equipment in surface mining operations, complete with: digger-based payload optimisation, machine health, mine compliance and situational awareness. Shaping the future of ground engaging equipment monitoring and automation, MineWare’s independent monitoring systems improve operator performance, mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety. They operate seamlessly across all machine makes and models– from draglines and electric shovels to hydraulic excavators.

Monitor your mobile equipment
Action in real time
Improve production

Improve productivity by up to 16%. Guaranteed.

MineWare’s world-leading monitoring and automation systems improve dragline and shovel productivity at every level in the pit and the site office.

Their advanced dragline and shovel monitoring solutions, Pegasys and Argus, make real-time, actionable information accessible to multiple personnel on and off site, integrated across multiple systems to increase production and reduce cost sustainably.

With more than 250 systems in action globally, a team of more than 60 staff and a growing network of valued partners, MineWare continues to expand its global footprint throughout all major mining regions.

A Komatsu company, MineWare is a key development partner for leading mining institutions, working collaboratively towards whole-of-mine solutions through the research and development of next generation monitoring and automation technology.

MineWare is proud to partner with Ramjack, supporting clients throughout Africa to create sustainable step change improvements in productivity and efficiency with the highest level of service and support.

Monitor. Action. Improve.

Monitor your mobile equipment I Action in real time I Improve production

The world’s #1 dragline monitoring system

By managing dragline payload and establishing best operator practice, Pegasys improves dragline productivity by up to 12% while reducing machine stress by up to 20%.

Pegasys accurately accounts for every second of a dragline’s activity, providing a true time record of all events that occur. The advanced monitoring system automatically switches between production, positioning and idle—all while counting and weighing every bucket filled, counting every step walked and the precise path taken. Without any operator or supervisor input, Pegasys performs all of this independently, giving you accurate, actionable information in real-time to manage and improve your dragline operations.

Argus provides pass-by-pass payload information to shovel and excavator operators in real time, enabling them to achieve consistent, accurate truck loads, every time.

This means less overloading and underloading of your haul trucks, leading to higher
production rates, reduced maintenance costs and less downtime—while also improving
mine compliance and safety.

mRoc Desktop is a real time, off-board monitoring tool that delivers valuable data from our Pegasys and Argus systems straight to your desktop. mRoc Desktop’s technology is revolutionary in its design and function, giving mining organisations greater real-time visibility of their shovel and dragline operations from anywhere, at any time.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Mineware to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.