Save Lives

Save lives at your mine to ensure every miner gets home safe every day.

The mining industry is inherently dangerous.  Large, mobile equipment moving about in confined spaces with aggressive production targets makes for challenging circumstances for the safety and health departments of mining operations around the world.

Every miner home safe, every day . . . to make it a reality, mines need to embrace technology.

It isn’t difficult to understand that, to save lives, miners need to be more aware of their surroundings and empowered to take the necessary action to secure their safety at the moment in time that their safety is at risk.

SaveSave Lives
At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we supply and implement a range of solutions designed specifically to improve operator awareness, increase communications efficiency and provide the necessary control and empowerment to the miner to keep them safe.

Improving Operator Awareness:

Better lighting – Improving lighting conditions in underground mines is the first step to increasing operator safety.  Our partnership with GLLS to provide their state-of-the-art xGlo LED strip lighting in Africa, Europe and the Middle East makes improving lighting conditions underground easy, efficient and affordable.

Environmental monitoring – Miners work in harsh conditions where the surrounding rock and the air they breathe can have a significant impact on their chances of leaving work alive.  To monitor the miner’s workplace, Ramjack partners with companies like Mine Design Technologies – specialists in ground movement monitoring – and Conspec Controls – experts in air quality monitoring and gas detection – to ensure real-time alarms and thresholds are set to warn miners of increasing risk.

Senseband_exploded (50 percent)_resizedFatigue management – Using the Life by SmartCap wearable fatigue monitoring system, mines are now finally able to predict fatigue before the onset of dangerous microsleeps – previously impossible to do with camera-based reactive technologies.  A simple and comfortable headband that is compatible with any headgear, the Life by SmartCap system is capable of eliminating fatigue-related incidents from your mine, whether on surface or underground.

Proximity detection – The peer-to-peer communications technology available through our production management partners – Newtrax (for underground) and MISOM (for surface) – helps ensure miners are made aware of equipment in their vicinity.  Knowing you’re in the vicinity of potential danger is the first step to ensuring miners are empowered with the control they need to keep themselves safe.

Increase Communications Efficiency:

Persistent sensor networks – the geotechnical, hydrological and environmental sensors that form the monitoring programs of every mining operation provide critical information about potential hazards to miners.  Ensuring the data from these sensors is available automatically and in real-time is the difference between being able to ‘save lives’ and ‘explain accidents’.

Ramjack has partnered with three purpose-built data telemetry solutions to guarantee data reliability in real-time:

  • Loadsensing by Worldsensing – The ultimate persistent sensor network for surface applications. Compatible with any sensor, Loadsensing has up to 15km of range and up to 10 years of battery life. Their data loggers can even be buried to prevent theft;
  • MineHop by Newtrax – Our data telemetry partner of choice for safety and production systems in underground hard rock mines. Purpose-built for the harsh mining environment, MineHop is easy to deploy and the only system available that can provide reliable real-time information direct from the underground mining face;
  • Conspec Controls – Has dedicated its efforts to ensuring intrinsically safe sensors and control technology for underground mines with fiery conditions. Their technology is successfully deployed in coal mines and fiery hard rock mines around the world, making our partner for intrinsically safe technology Conspec.

Reliable communications – Both open-pit and underground mines struggle with communications reliability. In underground mines, getting reliable communications from the mining face to surface has evaded C&I engineers since the dawn of time.  On surface, high pit walls, dense forests and rolling topography can cause major challenges to reliable communications.

Ramjack has found technology partners to help eliminate these communications challenges:

  • Underground, Ramjack uses the MineHop backbone by Newtrax to extend existing communications infrastructure wirelessly to the face.  The MineProx proximity awareness system uses the same technology for peer-to-peer communications underground.

Empowering Miners:

With the ability to reliably communicate the surrounding environment to miners, the accompanying increase in awareness is what saves lives.

It is now possible to evacuate an underground mine (or zone) without panic by providing instantaneous signals to the miners using the MineEvac system by Newtrax.  Couple that with the programmable features of the x-Glo LED strip lighting, and miners can be directed to the nearby refuge bay by following the pulsing lights – guiding them to safety.

Miners can deploy their own MineHop network as part of the MineAlone application by Newtrax, allowing them full access to mine rescue teams in the event they become overcome by gas intoxication or are otherwise rendered unconscious.  The MineAlone system detects this and sends an emergency alarm to ensure timely rescue.

In-cab displays are used to relay information about fatigue levels to operators every 90 seconds.  Using EEG to predict fatigue levels means that equipment operators can receive warnings of their reduced alertness levels due to fatigue as early as 10 minutes in advance of a microsleep.

Contact us now to find out more about the solutions we offer and how Ramjack can help your mine ensure that every miner goes home safely every day.