Stay Connected

Stay connected even when conditions are challenging.

Stay Connected

Advanced telemetry and electronic monitoring systems have made mining safer and more efficient. The application of relevant technologies has allowed mines to venture into areas and achieve results that would not have been previously possible.

However, most of these systems are heavily reliant on the ability of devices to stay connected and communicate with each other, to transfer data, facilitate communications, and carry instructions or warning/emergency messages.

This is all well and good when communication networks are functioning at optimal efficiency, but what happens when conditions are less-than-ideal and signal is lost due to an unexpected incident or simply because of restrictions due to the harsh mining environment? In these circumstances, mines throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East – and around the world – are finding they cannot simply rely on their legacy technology and systems to solve the challenge.

Fortunately, at Ramjack Technology Solutions, we have at our disposal purpose-built mining technology that doesn’t fall down even when conditions are challenging.

In the jungles of Africa, reliable networks are often difficult to deploy, and staying connected can be challenging. When periods or patches of no or low signal are experienced, solutions like Argus by MineWare can keep functioning. Compatible with multiple communication protocols (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc.), these systems are well-suited for challenging comms environments.  Using a combination of their redundant network capabilities, peer-to-peer communications (bouncing signal from tablet to tablet), and robust store-and-forward techniques, you can always stay connected.

In the underground mining scenario, staying connected at the face has been the number one hindrance to mine performance for years – not to mention the number one hindrance to reliable technology.  Luckily the MineHop network has resolved the big issues:

  1. There’s no need to replace your existing communications infrastructure – MineHop is compatible with your leaky feeder, fiber and WiFi;
  2. There’s no need for any wires at all – MineHop nodes daisy chain all the way to the face without any wires for power or any wires for communications, and the batteries last for years;
  3. There’s no need for high-priced, hard-to-find electricians or radio techs to install – MineHop is so simple to install that training anyone at your mine requires only minutes.

And, MineHop is self-configuring, self-healing and self-meshing, making it perfect in an emergency, like, for example when miners are trapped behind a fall of ground and communication has been severed.  Using MineHop’s Network Probe, the data connection between surface and underground can be re-established.  In this situation, a small hole is drilled into a part of the mine where wireless nodes are located. The probe will connect wirelessly to the nearest node and become part of the wireless mesh sensor network and link the various parts of the MineHop system, restoring communications with surface.

Contact us now to find out more about how our technology solutions can stay connected under difficult conditions and keep adding value to your operation.