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Surface Soft Rock Mining Solutions

RAMJACK’s surface mining solutions are the most advanced productivity and safety solutions technology has to offer coalmines. With reference sites covering all the mining majors – including: AngloCoal, South32 and Exxaro – the technologies in RAMJACK’s portfolio can be integrated to provide the most effective custom designed production and safety solutions for coal operations of any size and method.

Payload & Performance Monitoring For Draglines & Shovels

Enhancements in safety, maintenance, navigation, and production are all possible with Mineware’s independent navigation and payload monitoring systems. From draglines and electric shovels to front-end loaders, this technology can be seamlessly added to excavating equipment of any type to provide accurate and reliable payload information and high-precision guidance.

Fatigue Monitoring & Management

The Life fatigue monitoring system by SmartCap gives operations managers and supervisors the tools to proactively manage fatigue before the onset of sleep. At the heart of this system is the Lifeband, which comes with sophisticated sensors that assess the overall wakefulness of the driver or operator and provide real-time alarms to help eliminate fatigue-related incidents completely.

Pit Wall, Well & Tailsdam Monitoring

Technology from Loadsensing delivers convenient, automated, easy reading, so instrument measurements and remote sensor networks can be monitored from any place in real-time. This data can be made available for viewing via the Internet, and sampling rates, thresholds and alarms can be configured easily and remotely.

Rock Movement Monitoring

As mines grow deeper and more complex monitoring rock movement becomes increasingly critical.
MDT are the global experts in rock mechanics instrumentation monitoring the surrounding rock that encompasses every mine.