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Underground Soft Rock Mining Solutions

RAMJACK’s partnership with original technology manufacturers with a focus on soft rock mining ensures both fiery and non-fiery mines can make use of advanced technology for production and safety management underground. With intrinsically safe instruments, power supplies and control systems, RAMJACK can provide a custom designed technology solution for your underground soft rock mine.

Environment Monitoring

Conspec Controls are the foremost experts worldwide in intrinsically safe control systems, including: gas detection, atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management. RAMJACK has Conspec’s complete portfolio available for integration into any fiery mine’s control system.

Rock Movement Monitoring

As mines grow deeper and more complex monitoring rock movement becomes increasingly critical. MDT’s intrinsically safe and soft rock focused instruments are purpose-built for rock movement monitoring in underground coal and potash mines.

LED Strip Lighting Solutions

Cost-effective, efficient, and easy to deploy, x-Glo LED lighting strips solve the challenges of lighting in prohibitive areas so safety hazards are overcome. Designed and manufactured with top-quality materials, these lighting products deliver unparalleled lighting for commercial, industrial, and mining applications.

Underground 3D Mapping

The only device of its kind in the world, the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a laser based mobile mapping platform that creates rapid point cloud representations of tunnels and shafts for feedback to mine planning, projects and operations.