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Perumin 35

Sept 26-30 2022

Ramjack, in partnership with Remisca, was glad to be participating in Perumin 2022 in the Extemin technology exhibition hall.


Technology has become one of the key components for the development of projects and operations in the mining industry, both in Peru and worldwide. It is the exchange of mining technological updates and innovations, including suppliers of products and services: The Mining Technology Exhibition – EXTEMIN.

This essential part of the Mining Convention will have more than 1,400 stands organized in 7 pavilions, prominently featuring the “Innovation Hall”, which will enable exhibitors to showcase their innovative ideas and projects; as well as cutting-edge technology applications on their products, goods or services.

This new edition of EXTEMIN will also represent a window of opportunities for young people who may be interested in collaborating with exhibitors, as they will be able to broaden their knowledge and experience in the technological and mining sectors.

The Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru is already getting ready to offer again a quality space to each of the exhibitors, to whom we are deeply grateful for their trust in our Institution and for having walked with us all along the previous editions.



+60,000 Participants

+1,400 Stands

+29,000m2 of exhibition

+500 Technical works

+400 Suppliers