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In our decades of serving the mining industry, we have noticed that every deployment of a real-time mining system experiences the same challenges:

  • Activities and desired outcomes aren’t aligned
  • Knowledge transfer during deployment is not achieved
  • Responsibility for value generation is not shared
  • Technology is not entrenched into the work process
  • Quality of decision making is not improved

Under pressure to meet increasingly stringent production targets, regulatory compliance, safety mandates, and decarbonisation expectations, mining companies turn to state-of-the-art technologies to show their commitment to doing the right thing for their stakeholders.  However, realising the full value of these technology investments is a huge challenge – and more often than not, the bigger the investment, the bigger the challenge. Ensuring continued success from these technology investments is more than a minor nuisance, it can have a major impact on operational effectiveness and the knock-on effects are of utmost importance to shareholder value. 

The first step to ensuring continued success from operational technology is to ensure the right structure is in place for effective short interval control using real-time data.  Ramjack’s Remote Operations Centre (rROC) was designed specifically to support the achievement of this objective.  

Does your mine have a “must achieve” operational objective?  The rROC is geared up to address both very specific KPI deliverables as well as over-arching improvements in operating philosophy – anything from improving overall equipment effectiveness to introducing a reliability-centred maintenance program and everything in between.  

With real-time data challenges resolved, the next step is to understand the level of readiness for leveraging the availability of big data analytics through the use of artificial intelligence. We tackle this through a series of introspective questions.  

How do I know if an artificial intelligence lab could benefit my operations? 

Here are some things to consider:

  • What changes do you expect in the technology landscape of your mine over the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Is your infrastructure (communications backbone, network coverage, power availability, etc.) prepared to support these technology landscape changes?  
  • Do you have the right workflow and personnel to analyse operational data, disseminate the associated decisions and take the necessary actions?
  • Is there a solid foundation of stable operations at your mine, making  it ready to target step-change improvements?
  • Are your teams effectively implementing short interval control actions based on feedback from your real-time technology solutions?
  • Are you now – or will you be in the near future – ready to capitalise on the vast amounts of data being collected by your technology solutions?

Industry advances in technology adoption are at an all-time high. The tech adoption ensures that more mines than ever before are equipped with solutions poised to drive substantial performance improvements. A suitable high-bandwidth communication network; purpose-built instrumentation for real-time monitoring; corresponding applications to manage and visualise operations in real-time.

Despite facing the same challenges with technology that every mine has faced before, maximising the value of these end-to-end solutions at your mine is achievable.  If you see value in pursuing this objective then Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (rAIL) is likely a good fit for you.

Reach out to learn how our dedicated data scientists can ensure that your systems are continually learning from your machine’s data instead of just landing in silos. The beauty of today’s technology is that, no matter where in the world you are, data can be made available in real-time for aggregation and analysis, so that we can put it to work for you.

Learn more here. 

About the rAIL:

Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is a specialised service for any mine that has deployed technology systems. An outsourced team of computer scientists, data analysts and experienced mining engineers are dedicated to studying the data from your mine’s technology systems to identify and unlock bottlenecks. The rAIL identifies trends, unveils areas for improvement, and delivers insights significant enough to have proven ROI within one budget cycle.