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What Is GroundHog?

GroundHog technologies help mines move more tonnes, faster and safer. The technologies available include mine digitization and automation apps, IoT Sensors, and AI. 

GroundHog products help streamline:

Short Interval Control
Process Execution Management
Production Management

Digital keeps mining uninterrupted

Achieve better actuals versus plans

Get more productivity and safer operations


Develop targeted strategies


Optimise scheduling, material, and equipment flow


Track and maintain performance in real-time


Anticipate and equip the team to deal with failures

Elevate your fleet management with GroundHog Cloud

Seamlessly integrate telemetry data

Uncover actionable insights


Optimize operations


Drive efficiency


Discover the power of unified data

Short Interval Control For Mining
Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift by planning and tracking production and support mining activities.
Fleet Management For Mining
Used by dispatch and maintenance to get accurate real time fleet production, performance and health data from all equipment on the mine site.
Data Mules on Peer-to-Peer Networks For Mining Companies
Used by miners and supervisors to get production and machine health data from equipment and personnel working in remote locations underground.
Environmental, Health & Safety For Mining Companies
Used by Safety Managers to increase regulatory compliance and reduce incidents and hazards using better safety data logging and analytics tools.
IIoT and Telematics
Used by mine ops and safety teams to integrate with sensors and actuators to automate production and safety operations in mines.
Real Time Location Services
Used by dispatch and safety to increase situational awareness by track all personnel and equipment in real time
GroundHog SIC
Get more tonnes to stockpiles, faster, cheaper and safer.

Get more tonnes to from face-to-stockpiles by connecting people, equipment and sensors throughout your mine and mill. Because providing on-demand access to critical information is required to make data driven decisions at the face to sustain maximum mining intensity, safely.

GroundHog is on a mission to see EVERY MINE DIGITISED. Because with digitization, we’ve helped many mines increase their profitability through increased production rates at lower cost per ton. Digitization, when done right, improves overall performance — we’ve seen it time and time again

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from GroundHog to clients in Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America