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What Is It?

Being competitive in today’s mining and metals industry requires advancing beyond Fleet Management Systems to achieve the lowest cost per tonne. RAMJACK’s Production Management Systems are designed to help mines achieve this most critical KPIs by maximising production safety and efficiency.

Production Management
Production Management

How Does It Work?

Many mining companies have already commenced a technology consolidation and integration phase, targeted at boosting productivity, improving efficiency and driving standard operating models for consistency throughout their organisations. Effective production management in mining, therefore, can no longer exist solely as an isolated ‘silo’ otherwise it will struggle to demonstrate the value that an overarching solution across the full mining value chain is required to achieve.

RAMJACK’s approach to production management is based on ‘horizontal’ integration (plan vs. actual) across the mining value chain coupled with ‘vertical’ integration deep into the technical elements of real-time event management, instrumentation and data collection.

A RAMJACK Production Management System implementation can take many forms but most often, the scope of an effective Production Management System will include:

  1. A comprehensive IoT program ensuring data is collected in real-time from critical instrumentation, personnel, mobile equipment and fixed plant;
  2. An efficient, fit-for-purpose, communications backbone future-proofed for expansion and technological advancements;
  3. An over-arching, interoperable platform that “plays well with others”, integrated across the value chain and consolidating legacy systems for regular, evolutionary expansion of functionality
Production Management
Production Management

Why Does It Matter?

At Ramjack, we guarantee our Production Management Solutions to be fully ‘future-proof’ and provide any mine a full return on investment within one budget cycle.