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Tell me, does this sound stressful to you?

Events and circumstances tend to set the agenda.  Day-to-day operational mining challenges are driving decisions rather than the big picture of where you want to be. Everyone seems to be riding the waves, instead of decisively accelerating out of the danger of the swells.  

If this sounds stressful to you, then likely, you’re hard-wired to be proactive. Reactivity causes stress.  You’d rather insight change than sit back and wait to see what happens.

What if you knew what was coming, with insights at your fingertips when you needed them?  Imagine the impact you could have, in real-time, on productivity, safety and overall efficiency of your operation.  You could actually start empowering your mining teams, every day, day in and day out, putting predictive feedback to work for you. Now imagine if we could scale that proactive strategy site wide, across your mobile fleet, human assets, and business investments.

Ramjack has worked hard to develop a system that allows mining operations to be proactive instead of reactive, so they can spend their time planning and progressing, instead of being constantly in fight or flight mode.  Together, we integrate your work teams and create predictive decisions through enhanced processes and insights.

By understanding your organisation’s targets for driving efficiencies, we help create and implement the changes required for mines to use their operational technology for a real, measurable, positive impact on operations – even if things don’t go according to plan. More specifically, we identify KPIs that will be baselined to create continuous improvement programs to meticulously assemble site-wide optimisation of human assets as well as your mobile and fixed assets. Here are some angles we take to help build a proactive ecosystem with our customers:

  1. Productivity insight and KPI tracking
  2. Safety monitoring and incident tracking with predictive insights
  3. Centralised monitoring and reporting

 For your human assets:

  • Real time location tracking and reporting to optimise efficiency and safety
  • Air quality monitoring and ventilation on demand for ensured safety
  • Fatigue management and prevention
  • Collision avoidance
  • Visualisation and information management

For your geographical landscape:

  • Air quality monitoring and predictive, on-demand ventilation
  • Mobile scanning to help you explore deeper, more safely
  • Movement monitoring to predict failures of slopes, walls, stopes, and dams
  • Dewatering systems that automate based on conditions

For your mobile fleet and fixed assets:

  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and automation
  • Process execution management – automation of assignments
  • Interactive tracking solutions with moving map
  • Fuel, lubricants and consumables tracking and planning
  • Short interval control – algorithm-based decision making
  • Vehicle health monitoring and maintenance planning optimisation:
    1. Criticality analysis – identify criticality of components and implement strategies that have greatest effect on overall operation
    2. Failure mode effects & analysis (FEMA) – systematic maintenance strategy that defines failure mode, frequency, severity, risks, detection, and aims at failure prevention.
    3. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) – identify failure modes and implement workflow within standard planning/scheduling process
    4. Performance metrics – whick KPIs will be monitored for biggest efficiencies and cost gains

Your operational data is your most powerful tool.  Don’t relinquish control of it to your equipment suppliers.  Get the most out of it through one of Ramjack’s optimisation services. 

If you’re ready to leverage the power of your technology – and the raw data it’s giving you – to its fullest potential, reach out to schedule a demo and learn how quickly Ramjack can elevate your operation with our optimisation services.

About the rAIL:

Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is a specialised service for any mine that has deployed technology systems. An outsourced team of computer scientists, data analysts and experienced mining engineers are dedicated to studying the data from your mine’s technology systems to identify and unlock bottlenecks. The rAIL identifies trends, unveils areas for improvement, and delivers insights significant enough to have proven ROI within one budget cycle. Learn more: https://ramjacktech.com/our-expertise/optimise/ramjacks-artificial-intelligence-laboratory/