Remote Operations Centre Services

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Remote Operations Centre Services

What It Is?

The operation of an advanced production or safety system in a mine will experience one or all of the following typical barriers, preventing full value realisation:

  • Misalignment of activities and desired outcomes;
  • Low level of knowledge transfer during deployment;
  • Unclear responsibilities for value generation;
  • Difficulty ingraining technology in work processes and operating procedures;
  • Little or no improvement in the overall quality of decision-making

Mines across the globe realise the challenges of overcoming these issues and have come to appreciate the specialised training, relevant operations experience and technical aptitude (all difficult to find and even more difficult to retain) required to realise value from their complicated real-time systems.

To address these issues, RAMJACK has combined its expertise in best-in-class technology to create a facility that addresses all of the typical challenges associated with realising value from real-time systems in surface and underground mines.

How It Works?

RAMJACK’s first of its kind remote operations centre (rROC) includes 24/7 monitoring in real-time, direct communications with key resources on-site and is coupled with a detailed communication plan ensuring all safety, operational and security requirements are met.

Remote Operations Centre Services
Remote Operations Centre Services

Every rROC programme includes:

  • A scoping workshop used to define the desired outcomes of the program;
  • A Program Charter documenting the responsibilities, stages and milestones;
  • A Communication Protocol defining the communication flow for the program;
  • A formal Knowledge Transfer Program that goes far beyond on-the-job training;
  • 24/7 monitoring of real-time systems from RAMJACK’s Johannesburg office

Why It Matters?

These key attributes of the rROC Program allow RAMJACK the luxury of guaranteeing value realisation from any real-time production or safety system in a mine (open pit or underground).

Remote Operations Centre Services
Remote Operations Centre Services

If your mine could benefit from having expert resources engaged with your operations personnel 24/7, then rROC may be for you. Contact your nearest RAMJACK office to arrange a time to explore how the rROC can help your mine with:

  • Real-time vehicle health monitoring and predictive maintenance;
  • Real-time dispatching of mobile equipment and resources;
  • Real-time fatigue monitoring, management and intervention;
  • Real-time monitoring of instruments and instrument data;
  • Real-time production management & Key Performance Indicator monitoring