Fuel & Consumables Monitoring

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What It Is?

A comprehensive fuel management system streamlines more than just the way you handle your mine’s fuel –our best-in-class safety compliant solution enables mines to fully automate the handling of their consumable assets, reducing operational costs, improving productivity, and protecting their people from unnecessary mishandling incidents. With a cloud-based platform and rugged field hardware, your team will gain a complete fuel management system that saves you time and resources, complementing your commitment to ESG.
From delivery to consumption, proper fuel management can now be monitored in real-time with cloud-based software, ruggedized field hardware, and on-mobile applications. Real-time data enables your team to manage inventory and make decisions on the fly, 24/7. With intuitive management analytics and timely decision-makingcapabilities, your site is guaranteed to improve safety and productivityand realise ROI on your investment within onebudget cycle.
Field Information Management

How It Works?

With decades of experience in mining’s harshest environments, Ramjack understands which systems and technologies synergistically provide a complete solution for mining’s biggest challenges. Our team has partnered with industry-leading innovators of purpose-built solutions for managing a mine’s fuel and consumables.

Benefits of our automated consumable monitoring process:

  • Eliminate manual dipping events with scheduled tank gauging
  • Receive accurate deliveries with streamlined inventory management
  • Automate cost allocation between departments
  • Customisable reports provide the right data to the right teams
  • Integration with other ERP systems

Reduces costs:

  • Improve cost allocation and control
  • Proper reporting ensures access to carbon taxes claims and fuel rebates
  • Control access to fuel and lubricants to reduce theft and mismanagement
  • Enable reliable fuel and lubricant stocking, even at remote locations
Field Information Management

Improves Productivity:

  • Reduce frequency and duration of re-fueling through measurement and benchmarking
  • Validate business improvement initiatives
  • Optimise fleet purchasing with access to real-time data and analytics
  • Monitor service truck productivity and reduce costly equipment repairs
  • Streamline compliance with legislative requirements for health and safety
Fuel & Consumables Monitoring

Why It Matters?

Fuel is one of a mine site’s most expensive expenditures. The challenges that mines face when monitoring and managing their fuel and consumables range from unnecessary downtime, arduous compliance reporting, environmental harm, overfilling, and loss of production to imminent danger of personnel. Ramjack not only understands the processes to solve these challenges, we know which technology solutions will ensure your team is armed with the best systems possible. Together we can help you save time and money so your team can focus on excelling at their work.