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What Is It?

A RAMJACK Ventilation Management Solution (also known as Ventilation On Demand) consists of pulling together a Personnel and Equipment Tracking System, an Air Quality Monitoring System and a Fan Control System to significantly reduce overhead costs and improve working conditions.

Energy costs are amongst the highest controllable costs a mine has to manage. By automatically turning fans on and off based on need, the RAMJACK Ventilation Management Solution is already saving underground mines millions of dollars each year.

Ventilation Management & Fan Control
Ventilation Management & Fan Control

How Does It Work?

Fully interoperable with your existing tracking, air quality monitoring or fan control systems, RAMJACK’s tracking, gas detection and process control technologies are introduced when required to fill gaps in the existing technology landscape. All manufactured by state-of-the-art industry leaders in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), our solutions make integration with existing systems seamless, affordable and effective.

Real-time position, gas monitoring and fan control data is transmitted over your mine’s communication infrastructure and represented within our 3D visualisation system in real-time. Using pre-determined settings and thresholds, ventilation fans can be automatically (or remotely) controlled based on location of people compared to defined zones in the mine layout.

Most of these solutions include augmenting the number of air quality sensors as well as the different types of parameters. Additional gases, wet bulb temperature, air velocity, diesel particulate and dust are the most common additions required to improve the understanding of the mine’s environment to ensure the maximum ROI.

Why Does It Matter?

A well-designed Ventilation Management System ensures a safe working environment whilst improving the bottom line through increased effectiveness of fans and reduced instances of providing good air where it isn’t needed.

Equally, in a drill and blast environment, ventilation management reduces the time between blasting and safely returning to the working face. Not only providing peace of mind to the crew but significantly improving productivity.

Ventilation Management & Fan Control