Camera Surveillance & 3D Mobile Scanning

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What is it?

Give your site a 360-degree view and full visibility in the hardest-to-reach corners of your mine.
Ramjack helps mines glimpse into areas that are either too rugged or impossible to reach, providing them with an extra set of eyes. Bring visual monitoring into your process with an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time cameras and scanning equipment, complete with smart analytics that deliver actionable insights all on one platform.
Camera Surveillance & 3D Mobile Scanning

How Does it Work?

Purpose-built mapping and underground scanning drones, as well as self-cleaning equipment cameras, bring visibility even for the harshest environments. We feature self-cleaning cameras, as well as exploration mapping drones.

Our self-cleaning cameras can be mounted on equipment, as well as fixed assets, to let you see what’s in close proximity before an accident occurs. Our hardware can withstand exposure to repeated contamination, temperature variations and harsh weather.

Our real-time laser mapping drones offer a complete solution for underground exploration with the following benefits:

  • Access GPS-denied, constricted and inaccessible zones
  • Laser-based Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) operation with Dual SLAM
  • Integration into mining automation systems and routine flights
3D Mobile Scanning
Camera Surveillance & 3D Mobile Scanning

Why does it matter?

Advanced camera surveillance and mobile scanning technologies enable operators to avoid hazards, equipment damage, and collision-related fatalities. Mapping remote areas is now a quick, simple, and affordable process! Our real-time mobile-mapping and mobile cameras offer many operational benefits:

  • Increase safety, efficiency and profitability
  • Optimise production
  • Unlock the full potential of inaccessible areas
  • Streamline decision-making process with real time data
  • Inspect historical geological structures to enhance future mining design