Metstech Posted by RAMJACK January 28th, 2019

We design and manufacture leading-edge Bi-directional amplifiers for the propagation of virtually all communications technologies.

In 2016 we delivered the first in our series of low latency, highly linear BDA for two way radio technologies including TETRA for the underground hard rock market.

In 2017 we released new products to support LTE over leaky feeder cable to underground mines and tunnels. The product includes a two-way radio BDA so the same product can replace existing underground BDA systems to provide LTE and Two Way communications on the same leaky cable.

The LTE BDA system works similar to an existing underground two-way radio system. The design rules are based on length of run and splitters inserted in the path.

METStech work with multiple vendors hardware such as LTE cores and two way repeaters.

Propagating communication signals underground

METStech was founded in 2014 by a group of highly experienced engineers and managers. The company designs and manufactures specialised BDA systems with extremely low latency for communication equipment. The solutions extend LTE and two-way radio networks in tunnels over many kilometers.
Ramjack Technology Solutions is a leading, specialised system integrator dedicated to operations technology for the mining industry in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and is the representative for many advanced production and safety technologies for mining in the territory.
Together, Ramjack and METStech are exploring a partnership for supplying, deploying and servicing the METStech solution to mines in the African market.

METStech Product Range

LTE BDA Bands available: Band 28 -August 2017 Band 3 – December 2017 Band 1 -December 2017 Other Bands on request
VHF / UHF BDA Bands Available: VHF – October 2016 UHF 452.5- 457.5, 462.5-467.5 Dec 2016
VHF -October 2016 UHF -October 2016 < 1GHz Lte October 2017 >1GHz Lte Dec 2017
HEADEND OPTIONS VHF January 2017 UHF March 2017 <1GHz Lte November 2017
RADIATING CABLE The METStech BDA can be used with both 75 Ohm ad 50 Ohm cable.
SETUP AND MONITORING The METStech BDA headend incorporates an embedded computer which is utilised to setup each BDA and monitor the system.