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Production & Maintenance Management
Vehicle Health Monitoring

Advanced vehicle health monitoring for mobile equipment and fixed assets, including automated data collection, telemetry and analysis. Symboticware’s range of ruggedized hardware and software solutions will improve safety, productivity, and asset utilization at your operation by gathering, transmitting, and analyzing equipment and sensor data in real-time.

True Versatility

Originally developed for underground mining, these technologies are also suited to remote, rugged monitoring and data solution needs in just about any industry (e.g. environmental, oil and gas, transportation, and municipal applications).

Key products include:

The SymBot is the sensor network interface for Symboticware’s data collection platform. It collects data from sensors, stores timestamped data into an internal database and, using Symboticware’s patented store-and-forward technology, transmits the data over existing infrastructure to SymView, the centralized server and data aggregator. The SymBot has been designed, built and tested for tough environments both physically and technologically: developed for underground mines, it can withstand harsh physical conditions as well as perform when offload connectivity isn’t always available.


Speed Guard is a solution that prevents mobile equipment operators from over-speeding, resulting in increased mine safety by preventing speeds in excess of equipment’s and organization’s safe operating parameters. Speed Guard saves money by minimizing premature component failure due to operating above equipment manufacturer specifications.

The SymRTU (IWS) nodes comprise of a range of distributed wireless products from Symboticware providing advanced supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) functionality for commercial and industrial applications. With ‘out the box’ auto mesh wireless functionality, IWS nodes can be easily installed at a remote location and connected to standard sensors, supporting 4-20mA or 0-5V or using internal integrated pressure and depth measurements. Either through a direct wireless connection or automatically hopping through a series of other IWS nodes, the sensor data is relayed back to the IWS Hub for termination over Ethernet to the IWS Management Server application for display, logging and alarm management. The IWS Hub provides local data logging with time-stamps to ensure that no data is lost in case of communications failure on the WAN (e.g. Cell modem). The data is securely stored on site on the IWS Hub and can be retrieved and archived using FTP. In addition, the hub continues to provide real-time data access. Real-time data can also be accessed via a Web GUI over the Ethernet interface or over the WAN – e.g. over a cellular data connection to a smartphone or any Tablet, PC or other device that supports a standard web browser.


The SymUPS is an industrial battery backup which acts as both a standalone power source for accessories on mobile assets, as well as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). The SymUPS can provide DC power to devices ranging from strobe lights to telemetry systems, and is suitable for underground and surface applications.


SymView® is a data collection software application that provides access to real-time and historical data. The application efficiently records data from process monitoring and control systems for all polled devices and sensors (ex.the SymBot, Speed Guard and SymRTU) into a compressed time stamped database capable of configuring data with trending mechanisms and predictive analysis software to predict future maintenance issues, send automated email notifications when alarms occur and create operator checklist repository and reporting mechanisms.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Symboticware to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.