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Silixa has innovated fibre optic sensing-based solutions that address a wide range of challenges. While safety and environmental control are key drivers of mining activities, the supply and management of consumables, such as water and electricity, add additional complexity to operations. Silixa products enhance productivity, minimise risks and ensure sustainability by providing more reliable and cost-effective means of geophysical assessment as well as asset, system and process monitoring.

These technologies are an increasingly crucial part in mining automation and digitalization.


DamPulse™, the integrated fibre optic sensing-based tailings dam monitoring solution addresses issues of dam stability, public safety, and environmental protection.

Delivering ULTRA HD quality distributed temperature, strain, and acoustic measurements in real-time, the system offers early alerts of potential problems, minimizing the risk of dam failures.

Distributed fibre-optic monitoring offers dense spatial and temporal profiling over large sub-surface volumes, long ranges, and at locations where conventional point sensing is not applicable or not cost effective.

DamPulse enables operators to identify non-conformance with design or operational expectations to facilitate timely maintenance and intervention before any failure occurs.

The system provides high quality distributed temperature, strain, and acoustic measurements in real-time, with a single optical fibre cable over the entire structure. With multiple monitoring techniques it permits identification of increasing seepage zones, material changes and structural variations with high resolution.

Fully automated in situ monitoring system with remote access 

  • Enables entire dam structure to be efficiently monitored
  • Unmanned operation
  • Programmable alerts for abnormal or rapid changes in seepage, material density deformation, seismic activity or breach
  • Real-time processing and visual presentation of data via web interface

Silixa’s DAS microseismic monitoring provides continuous data, processed to contribute information to aid understanding of the geomechanical response to mining activity and of seismic hazards.

DAS provides dense spatial sampling in harsh environments with minimum maintenance. The dense sampling enables improved interpretation and hence improved operational efficiency and safety.

Raw DAS data of a microseismic event recorded on Constellation™ fibre

Silixa’s patented non-intrusive FiberWrap™ distributed fibre optic sensing-based process flow metering solution delivers significant cost savings by enabling operators to increase productivity, maximise operational efficiency and minimise water consumption.

It does so by delivering actionable information derived from continuous distributed acoustic measurements that enable operators to manage and monitor water dependency and process challenges in compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business sustainability initiatives.

FiberWrap™ was shortlisted for the 2020 Mining Magazine Technology and Mineral Processing Awards

Silixa’s Distributed Acoustic Sensor (iDAS™) and Carina® Sensing System provide DAS data with unrivalled quality for seismic surveys.

For borehole surveys cables can be clamped to the outside of production tubing, cemented into the casing annulus or conveyed into the well as a cable intervention. Dense spatial sampling on cables kilometres long enables data acquisition without aliasing.

Silixa is the global leading provider of fibre-powered data solutions that address the most critical measurement challenges in the Alternative Energy, Mining, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors. The company offers dense array data sets of the highest fidelity that enable operators to gain actionable insight into their assets and systems to increase efficiency, enhance safety, prevent loss and extend lifespans. With a heritage of cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership, Silixa helps its customers to chart their course towards a more sustainable future.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Silixa to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America