Be Informed

Using purpose-built mining technology and real-time communication solutions to be informed about your mine.

Be Informed

Ensuring the safety, health, and productivity of the mine and everyone who works in it is the top priority for all responsible mine operators.

Preventing and controlling circumstances that may compromise the health and safety of mine personnel or disrupt the ongoing productivity of the mine requires intensive monitoring and swift decision-making.

The first step in the data management process is figuring out just exactly what data needs to be measured in order for it to be managed.

There’s a long list of information needed to make good decisions for a mine:

  • the status and behaviour of rock masses, tails dams and waste dumps;
  • the levels and rates of change of groundwater and other surrounding bodies of water;
  • the levels and movements of dangerous gases, air flow and temperature;
  • the location and movements of people, equipment and plant;
  • the availability and utilisation of the mining equipment;
  • the status of the mining face and the status of the people and equipment there;
  • the occurrences of near-misses, incidents and accidents;
  • etc.

There is a lot to keep track of in a mine. And, while it is a challenge to be on top of it all, having this data is essential because having it (at the moment when its actually needed) allows engineers and managers of underground and surface mines alike to be informed effectively about the potential risks – making it at least possible for them to take the appropriate action.

At Ramjack, we believe firmly in the fact that being suitably informed is the only way to improve production and safety performance at mines.  And, we’ve surrounded ourselves with technology partners who share our vision.  These relationships give Ramjack the most advanced and comprehensive mining solutions portfolio in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

We supply and implement advanced mining technology – monitoring, tracking and communication solutions – from the mining world’s top suppliers, including:

  • A vast array of remote, wireless-capable sensors, including geotechnical monitoring instrumentation, hydrological monitors, and environmental and atmospheric monitoring equipment from leading suppliers Mine Design Technologies (MDT) and Conspec Controls;
  • The only predictive, wearable fatigue monitoring technology that can be deployed without the need for intrusive (and expensive) camera systems in every mobile vehicle – Life by SmartCap is compatible with any type of headwear, any smart device and can help eliminate fatigue incidents from a mine;
  • The Industry’s only purpose-built telemetry systems that are focused on overcoming the standard communications challenges that have plagued the mining environment for decades:
    • MineHop –  for underground hard rock mining;
    • Loadsensing –  for use in surface applications;
    • Conspec Controls – for mines with intrinsically safe requirements (fiery, coal, etc.).
  • The uGPS Rapid Mapper™, a rugged, low-maintenance, easy-to-use mobile mine scanner that can rapidly generate accurate, 3D point cloud data models of tunnels and shafts for continuous monitoring exercises, including: convergence monitoring, ‘as-builts’, diletion / dilution studies and mine reconciliations
  • The only full suite of completely OEM agnostic vehicle sensor kits and interfaces for monitoring the health of your mobile fleet in real-time.  Using the Newtrax ISAAC technology, we can integrate with any piece of equipment, regardless of age, make or model and feed the diagnostics information back to the control room in real-time.

Contact us now to find out more about how our technology solutions can help you be informed about all aspects of your mine’s status and performance in real time.