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Johannesburg – RAMJACK, is proud to announce the deployment of Sub-Saharan Africa’s  first persistent sensor network at the Debswana, Jwaneng Diamond Mine in Jwaneng, Botswana.

The deployment utilizes the Newtrax MineHop® persistent sensor network, with its patented ultra-low powered devices to wirelessly relay real-time data back to the mining office for analysis.  To solve Jwaneng’s challenge, a central server and five wireless RTU nodes were installed and connected to the existing vibrating wire piezometers. Using the network, engineers and hydrogeologists at Jwaneng can now monitor, diagnose and set alarm/notification thresholds for all the sensors without having to venture into the mine.

“Before this deployment, Jwaneng was using devices powered by solar panels that incurred cable damage and accumulated dust making it difficult to reliably collect pore pressure data from the field without regular visits to the instruments”, said Mike Jackson, Co-Founder and Director of RAMJACK.  “The new system is no longer susceptible to such environmental disruptions allowing hydrogeologists to spend their valuable time analysing the data and setting up real-time alarms as the system substantially cuts down on the field visits time.”

Using patented battery technology; MineHop® devices can last unattended in the field for three to five years.  With no wires required for installation, the network is easy to install, maintain and operate for long periods in remote and harsh environments.

In addition to this initial instalment, the opportunity to extend the system to monitor Jwaneng’s geotechnical instrumentation as well as their vibrating wire piezometers is currently being explored.



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