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uGPS Rapid Mapper™ The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a mobile 3D scanner that was developed specifically for use in underground mines. This scanner can be mounted to any mobile platform (e.g. a vehicle in use underground) and is capable of generating 3D point clouds while on the move at normal vehicle speeds that are sufficiently accurate for most use cases. The ability to rapidly acquire data while being moved through the mine makes the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ an invaluable asset to any mine.

Some of the key features of the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ are:

High Speed Data Acquisition

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is unique among underground mine scanners because it can gather 3D point cloud data while on the move at normal vehicle operating speeds. The post-processing phase is as quick and easy as data collection. Results are available within minutes and can be easily exported into third party applications (e.g. CAD) for analysis.

Purpose Built for Underground Mines

Underground mines are a harsh and unforgiving work environment, especially for equipment that contains hi-tech electronic components. The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ complies with the IP67 Standard for dust and moisture sealing and makes use of many freely available, standard electronic components, making it durable and hassle-free to maintain.

High Levels of Accuracy

Despite being known for the speed at which it can collect data, the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ does not sacrifice accuracy when operating in either open loop or closed loop mapping mode.

Totally Unique Product

The combination of top class sensors and highly sophisticated algorithms to perform filtering and motion estimation make the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ an underground scanner like no other.