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Ramjack Technology solutions announced today that they’ve selected an innovative fibre-optic solution from Silixa to help improve sustainability of mining operations by making them safer, more productive and energy efficient. The distributed fibre optic sensing-based monitoring solutions will enable unmanned and remote monitoring operations to deliver actionable real-time information on assets and processes to operators.

This new technology solution will elevate Ramjack’s ability to combine best-of-breed products and localised, custom services, for their mining customers. With a goal to advance technology adoption in the mining sector, the fibre-optic technology will provide operators with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to meet future demands more sustainably. 

Zara Anderson, Silixa’s VP Mining, said: “Climate change is a critical global challenge and partnering with others to help step up the transition to a low carbon future never seemed timelier and more necessary. Our vision is to accelerate innovation in the mining sector to ensure sustainable development. By transferring our proven technologies and solutions from other industries we hope to build a bridge between the present and the future.”

“We are extremely pleased to bring Silixa technology to our solutions portfolio,” said Mike Jackson, CEO at Ramjack. “A collaborative approach between companies is key for the industry and we are proud to integrate our people, resources, and expertise to streamline the way mines operate in real-time.  As countries around the globe shift toward net-zero, the mining sector will be relied upon to meet the rapidly increasing demand for minerals. Our mission is to introduce and promote cutting-edge, high-tech solutions that speed up the low-carbon transition,“ said Jackson.

About Silixa

Silixa is the leading provider of distributed fiber optic sensing solutions that address the most critical measurement challenges in the Mining, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Alternative Energy and Infrastructure Sectors. The company’s complete suite of integrated distributed fibre optic technologies offers dense array data sets of the highest fidelity, enabling operators to gain actionable insight into their assets and systems to increase efficiency, prevent loss, reduce operational costs and extend lifespans. Learn more about Silixa products.

About Ramjack 

With their vast range of experience in mining technology and partnerships with the best mining technology manufacturers from across the globe, Ramjack Technology Solutions provides a suite of products and services that can solve any of the operational challenges that mines face today. Whether on surface or underground, Ramjack are experts in applying best-of-breed technologies and customised services to increase productivity and improve safety performance. Visit www.RamjackTech.com for more information.