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On-Board Truck Scales and Load Management Software

Inaccurate loading reduces mine efficiency and leads to cost wastage at both ends — underloading leads to costly extra trips, and overloading reduces the lifespan of expensive tyres, causes component wear and tear, and can lead to costly and production-disrupting equipment failure and breakdowns.

Accurate weight and load monitoring is key to maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your fleet of mining trucks.

  • Transform weight data into business intelligence with LoadMan’s onboard truck scales that deliver superior, consistent, and repeatable accuracy.
  • Loads are weighed in real-time with no waiting periods or delays.
  • Loadman’s software can be integrated with your existing data platforms to provide real-time data and custom reports – so you can make timely and profitable business decisions.
  • No customisation of trucks is necessary – LoadMan load cells and other weighing equipment is customised and adapted to your trucks.


LoadMan, the flagship brand of leading global manufacture of on-board truck scales Creative Microsystems, has been designing and building custom onboard payload systems for underground and open-pit mining haul trucks since 1997.

Flowing out of their purpose-driven design heritage, the technology utilised for their mine truck load weighing and monitoring systems is based on custom-engineered electronic strain gage load cells that replace existing factory parts – resulting in little to no modification of mine haul trucks.

Key benefits of using the LoadMan on-board weighing solution:

Accurately monitor cycle times between loads and carry-back.

Reliable operation with minimal service and maintenance requirements (even in harsh operating conditions and bad weather).

More tons per vehicle per day, without the risk of overloading.

Extend the life of truck tyres and other components

Some of the commonly used mine trucks that the Loadman system
is compatible with are:

  • Atlas Copco MT6020
  • Caterpillar CAT740D
  • Caterpillar 769
  • Caterpillar 771
  • Caterpillar 773
  • Caterpillar 775
  • Caterpillar AD30
  • Caterpillar AD40
  • Hitachi EH750
  • Komatsu 325
  • Komatsu 465
  • Komatsu 730
  • Sandvik TH320
  • Sandvik TH430
  • Sandvik TH540
  • Terex MT4400
  • Volvo A25

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from LoadMan to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.