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Enabling real-time operational intelligence and impactful automation to mineral processing operations through smart, connected & autonomous machine vision systems.
Everyday, thousands of tonnes of blasted ore must get efficiently processed in order to maximise final product recovery and overall operational profitability. In this context, better controlling ore fragmentation enables your operation to run at the optimal design specifications and uncover hidden optimisation and cost-reduction opportunities. However, with current manual sampling and sieve analysis, it is impossible to get a representative view of your process.

Introducing mining’s most advanced, AI-powered autonomous conveyor belt ore monitoring camera system, purpose-built for real-time visibility into more than just crushed materials. By optimising the fragmentation analysis process, your team will save resources by eliminating manual sampling, save energy on over-crushing, streamline blasting, and obtain actionable insights into your processing equipment’s health.

Real-time and automated fragmentation monitoring use-cases


Increase plant throughput


Minimise energy consumption


Streamline blasting/crushing


Eliminate manual sampling


Predictive maintenance


Minimise equipment breakage


Detect blockages


Maximise product recovery

With a simple-to-install Portal, and non-invasive AI-enabled camera setup above your conveyor belts, the connected software platform will automatically scan and analyse every passing rock and provide your team with continuous fragmentation (PSD) data, all while detecting and alerting of any inbound, potentially damaging foreign objects such as large pieces of metal, rubber or plastic.
A real-time and automated ore monitoring system built for harsh industrial environments

  • Particle size and shape distribution monitoring
  • Ore dilution and color monitoring
  • Foreign object detection and alerts system

The ruggedised hardware continuously captures and transmits high-resolution rock images via Ethernet cable to a central processing computer


rokulo imageWith significantly faster image sampling capabilities than all other similar technologies, the following sequence automatically occurs every two seconds:

  • Image receipt
  • AI-based rock detection algorithms
  • In-depth rock-by-rock analysis
  • Custom KPI Generation
  • Dashboard visualisation
  • Optional data transfer to client control systems

About the company

Rokulo is an innovative and fast-growth Canadian computer-vision technology company with a clear focus on enabling real-time operational intelligence throughout your production sites as well as Smart Crushing and Blast Monitoring Systems for the global Mining and Mineral Processing industries.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Rokulo to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.