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Real-time Mine Monitoring

RAMJACK’s real-time mine monitoring offers solutions to monitor equipment, people, production, sensors and safety!

Real-time Mine Monitoring

An efficient mining operation depends heavily on the availability of information.  The most effective operations are the ones that successfully disseminate the right information to the people who need it quickly, accurately and affordably.  This is why RAMJACK has chosen as its primary objective to source, distribute and support the most practical real-time monitoring technologies for the mining industry.

The RAMJACK product suite offers solutions to monitor equipment, people, production, sensors and safety all in real-time, from the working face, affordably, reliably and without the need for any power or wired infrastructure.  Our systems are backbone independent (they work with your existing leaky feeder or WIFI communications network) and are designed for continuous monitoring of critical, yet often overlooked, information.

At RAMJACK, we have selected several mining technology brands that we believe are the best in the industry at solving their specific challenge.  When this product suite is combined with the localised experience and services of RAMJACK, their power increases exponentially – creating an opportunity for real-time monitoring underground that has never been seen in the industry before.  If you’d like to learn more about how real-time monitoring can help your operation, please contact us using the details available on our site.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, our real-time mine monitoring solutions benefit clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.