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Surface Hard Rock Mining Solutions

RAMJACK’s products for hard rock mining on surface focus on providing rapid investment returns to mines seeking any range of technology adoption. From the most advanced shovel-based payload monitoring system in the world, to ground breaking fleet management and fatigue monitoring solutions, RAMJACK has the expertise and available technology to integrate the ideal purpose-built solution for your mine.

Shovel Payload & Performance Monitoring

The Argus shovel monitoring system from Mineware is designed to inspire improvements in production, safety, maintenance, and machine performance. By providing accurate and reliable bucket positioning and payload information in real-time, Argus ensures dependable execution of the dig plan, and guarantees that the correct payload is loaded on every truck, every load.

Fatigue Monitoring & Management

Life by SmartCap is the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring system, offering real-time, proactive tools for drivers and supervisors to manage their fatigue. Providing operations with the only tools available that can actually predict fatigue in advance, the Life by SmartCap solution can effectively eliminate fatigue-related incidents from your operation.

Pit Wall, Well & Tailsdam Monitoring

Loadsensing technology is adaptable to some of the most widely used sensors used in the mining industry today, and their technology provides convenient and efficient remote readings, so the monitoring of remote sensor networks and instruments can be done anywhere in real-time.

Rock Movement Monitoring

As mines grow deeper and more complex monitoring rock movement becomes increasingly critical.
MDT are the global experts in rock mechanics instrumentation monitoring the surrounding rock that encompasses every mine.