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2nd mining 4.0

Roadmap for the Future
Toronto, Canada
March 30-31, 2023

Join the Ramjack team in Toronto, where the mining community comes together for a two-day networking event!

This event is a conference that showcases current mining solutions for productivity, production rates, and cost reduction. Mining executives will share their strategies for extending mine longevity and examine case studies on the transition from manual to automated mining. The event will provide attendees with a roadmap for overcoming the challenges inherent in implementing mining automation and digitalization at scale. Join senior stakeholders and decision-makers as we embrace new technologies for digitisation. Companies are now shifting towards sustainable, digitized, and smart equipment. Businesses are actively looking for ways to improve the bottom lines, reduce human involvement, and keep up with industry-wide advancements.

Digitization and automation are the trends shaping the industry; together, these tools help companies increase productivity, cut costs, and achieve sustainability targets. The management consulting giant McKinsey predicts that digitalization can help the metals and mining industry conserve $373 billion over the next three years by cutting waste, improving safety measures, and increasing efficiency.

2nd mining 4.0

Digitalized, smart mines offer companies the opportunity to maximize benefits from their capital expenditures while improving safety, environmental impact, and social responsibility. The digitalization of a mine involves artificial intelligence, industrial cloud servers, and big data paired with modern robotics technology and drones. All of these advancements benefit from developments in LTE and 5G technology, so it is only a matter of time before unmanned mining becomes a reality. Companies unprepared for the shift to digitized mining will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

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