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The Future Minerals Forum is one of the world’s largest gatherings of senior government and industry representatives, dedicated to creating resilient and responsible mineral value chains in the super regions of Africa, Western and Central Asia.Future economic growth and prosperity requires robust supply of minerals and metals, and the Ramjack team is excited to attend. Demand for commodities like copper, steel and aluminium has increased exponentially to sustain our growing need for essential materials and power. These drivers for consumption can only continue to proceed if the mineral and metal value chains’ capacity and logistics are at pace.

The adoption of ‘green metals’ and establishment of ‘industrial hubs’ in an emerging minerals super region that stretches from Africa through the Middle East and into Central and East Asia will have a huge impact on the future development of resilient supply chains of minerals and metals.

These countries hold large resource endowments that present a strategic base for all minerals deemed critical to our future.

Coming together, they increase their share of mineral output and promote themselves as international champions to the world. Join us at the Future Minerals Forum!