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Ramjack’s Three Pillars: the Power of Three A holistic approach to a robust technology landscape can empower your operations to thrive now and into the future. Ramjack can help take your operations to the next level — the ROI is proven.

Throughout human history, the number three has always held a deep significance. Ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, postulated that all numbers held insight, with the number three being the perfect number of harmony, wisdom, and understanding. Even deeper into the existence of the universe more than 14 billion years ago, long before human life, only three elements existed: hydrogen, helium and lithium. Today, there are nearly 100 known naturally occurring elements, with hundreds of variants – all that started with just three.

As experienced mining technologists, we are passionate about using technology to improve the performance of the mining industry. We tell our clients – “If you’re going to mine, mine it like you mean it.” We exist to help mines leverage strategy, technology, and services, to create a foundation that will stand the test of time and help them reach their full operational potential today with tomorrow’s success in mind.

After a decade in business, we have identified three important elements that directly result in increased success at your mining operation. While any one of the services is proven to elevate productivity and safety, no other technology integration company is doing what we do to provide a 360-degree approach to a full-stack of services, products, and support. By fully understanding your existing technologies and helping pave your strategy and roadmap, we are able to help mining operations understand possibilities that are futureproof. We build powerful operational strategies for our mining customers, unique to their needs and as distinctive as their ecosystems. Our guidance provides the three essential, foundational elements required to help mines reach their full operating potential.



Assessment and guidance are the cornerstone of how we operate. With a complete 360-degree view of your operational technologies and your future production and safety goals on our radar, we bring a neutral set of eyes and robust expertise in integration. With a solid baseline and insight into your mine’s future goals, we guide mines through a strategy and decision-making process that becomes their unique technology roadmap. Our commitment ensures that your roadmap is both achievable and enduring, guaranteeing a complete return on investment within a single budgetary cycle.

We only make recommendations on products and services that we ourselves are prepared to guarantee. There are a lot of technologies on the market, and new ones come along every day. We are agnostic to the technologies themselves, and only create roadmaps that include technologies that we feel good about because we have deployed them, supported them, and used them extensively. Ensuring interoperability at this stage is part of the long-term success of a project.

From strategy development to technology roadmaps, operational readiness studies, and technology selection, our team of experts from around the world can deliver on virtually any scope of work related to operational technology strategy.

Outcomes of pillar 1: technology strategy, technology selection, technology roadmap, ROI



With your mine’s technology strategy and roadmap in hand, Ramjack’s execution excellence methodologies are ready to take charge. Here Ramjack’s experts can scope, source, supply, deploy and support virtually any technology application. Networks, production systems, maintenance systems, safety systems, instrumentation, monitoring programs… we follow a multi-step, proven process that ensures success at all stages.  The supporting layers of project management, change management and quality assurance continue throughout execution, to make sure that all preparation, configuration, deployment, and management of the project work together to result in the best outcome possible.   

  1. Technology Delivery: Timely delivery and installation of technology solutions to ensure minimal disruption to operations, using purpose-built solutions tailored to the requirements of your mine site.
  2. Technology Implementation: Implementation of standardized protocols and procedures to streamline the integration process and maximize efficiency, with comprehensive training programs for staff to ensure effective utilization of new technologies.
  3. Technology Integration: Seamless integration of new technologies with existing systems and infrastructure to ensure interoperability, with ongoing monitoring and optimization of integrated systems to continuously improve performance and adapt to changing operational needs, and ultimately ROI.

Ramjack’s approach emphasizes delivery, integration, continuous improvement and continued support, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Outcomes of the deployment pillar 2: product deployment, integration, support, ROI



Now that your operation is equipped with a strategy and a roadmap and the technologies are working together to effectively streamline operational activities, your team moves from reactive to proactive as we employ data science in the next phase. You are now ready to keep tabs on your mission-critical systems in real-time 24/7 with Ramjack’s Remote Operations Centre (rROC) – an off-site data-monitoring service that delivers a continuous improvement process to optimize mission critical mining systems with guaranteed results. Leveraging Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab (rAIL), we take it to the next level to run your mine’s technology as a service, where we apply dedicated data science to your mining processes, using your existing technologies. We help you identify trends, develop algorithms, and elevate your processes systematically. By continuously collecting and analyzing a wealth of data from various sources, including equipment sensors, geological surveys, and operational processes, our team helps you make informed decisions to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Data science enables predictive maintenance to minimize downtime, cost-effective resource allocation, and early identification of potential issues, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact. Your team can now gain a competitive edge by optimizing exploration and extraction, ensuring compliance with regulations, and safeguarding the well-being of the workforce. In our resource-intensive and often hazardous industry, the application of data science is a crucial tool for driving progress and maintaining a sustainable future for your mining operations.

Outcomes of pillar 3: actionable insights through robust data science; competitive advantage; ROI

Each one of the three elements of success can stand alone, and we are happy to help create the optimal formula for success that no other technology integrator is doing. Learn more here in a 2 minute video with our CEO, Mike Jackson, about how we provide the strategies, tools, and continued support to help you mine it like you mean it – one, two, or three pillars at a time!